How To Be Happier: Metamating

"Metamating" Series:

The Relationship Books

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The Six-book Series

Book One: Beginning the Relationship
Book Two: Coping — 30 Ways to Change Your Self-talk Book Three: Troubleshooting Attraction
Book One: "Beginning the Relationship"
Kinds of relationships. The five phases of a new relationship
Book Two: "Coping: 30 Ways to Change Your Self-talk"
Details of the Sage Model and how it affects self-talk and facilitates coping.
BookThree: "Troubleshooting Attraction" 12 difficult situations during Attraction; troubleshooting examples.
Book Four: Troubleshooting Courting Book Five: Troubleshooting Infatuation Book Six: Troubleshooting Bonding
Book Four: "Troubleshooting Courting" 17 difficult situations during Courting; troubleshooting examples. Book Five: "Troubleshooting Infatuation" 14 difficult situations during Infatuation; troubleshooting examples. Book Six: "Troubleshooting Bonding" 4 difficult situations during Bonding; troubleshooting examples.

Metamating Pro

"Metamating Pro," the complete Metmating book for those in the helping professions.